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F.A.Q's & Instructional Videos

Want the latest instructional videos on the best way to re-heat your sauce? Or would you like to see how Nino, Rob and the gang make the most out of their Shanikas sauce?
Look at our YouTube channel to find all the latest videos and ways to make the perfect dinner for your family:


Can you freeze Shanikas Classic sauces?
Yes you can! You can freeze your Shanikas Classic sauce for up to 3 months. It will take that little bit longer to heat though.

If there is only two of us, whats the best way to use our sauce?
The chef's would recommend opening the bag and only using half of the Shanikas Classic sauce. Put 1/2 into a pan and heat thoroughly over low/medium heat until it reaches over 65C and keep the other half in the fridge to use within 3 days.

Are any of your sauces Gluten free?
None of our sauces contain gluten. However while all care is taken in preparing these sauces we do have products that contain gluten in our kitchen.

Are any of your sauces Dairy free?
We do have a range of dairy free sauces: Beef Ragu, Bolognese, Napoli, Siciliana
While all care is taken in preparing these sauces dairy free, we do have dairy containing ingredients in our kitchen.

Do you have any Vegetarian Options?

We do provide Vegetarian options, our full time Vegetarian option is: Napoli which pairs fantastic with our Homemade Chervil Gnocchi.


What is Chervil?

Chervil (sometimes called French Parsley) is a flat leaf herb very similar to parsley in look. It has a mild but distinct flavour that goes well with all dishes.